Monday, April 6, 2009


April 2, 2009 "Mama, you wanna play bears with me??" I swear, I hear this at LEAST once a day! To introduce you all, starting from the left we have "Puddle", "Pookie" and "Moe"... These are Bird's new best friends. One day, I saw Bird being awfully quiet and naturally that only means trouble, so I went to check on him in his room and to my surprise, he was actually sitting quietly playing with these bears. I decided to make it interesting (which I will forever regret... :)..). I gave the bears voices and Bird got such a kick out of it! He would (and still does) have big 'ol belly laughs at looking at these bears act like they're actually talking. He always takes Pookie and gives him a voice and I'm in charge of Puddle and Moe. It can never be Dada, only Mama. I guess Dada is just not as creative I guess (lucky him...) These guys do everything from eat, sleep and even take rides in "Star Skippers" (my worn out, horrible disfigured fuzzy pink slippers...) Even though its kinda driving me crazy right now, I still play along to encourage his imagination just a bit more and to hear his belly laughs!

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