Wednesday, April 22, 2009


April 21, 2009

So this morning to our surprise, we ( J-nerd and I) got off from work and walked out to some trippy fog...Hadn't seen that for a while...Couldn't wait to get home to snap a lovely fuzzy pic of it...


April 20, 2009

I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of outdoorsy pics during spring/summer....I promise I'll try harder to make them more interesting though....I just love the colors, the sun...everything! I think the whole wanting to be outside thing that Squish is ailing from he definitely got from me...


April 19, 2009

So today we went to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma and had soooo much fun! My BF told me to go there because when she lived in WA they lived super close to it and would take their little one all the time. Its pretty far from where we live and I don't see us going TOO often...The long ride was well worth it though! Bird loved all the animals and Squish was just in heaven running around with so many people around. They especially loved the play area where they could jump, slide, run, name it they did it! We were all super exhausted when we got home but nonetheless it was a great day!


April 19, 2009

Yeah so I've had my first setback....grrrr. I forgot to take a photo for the 18th! Will all the excitement of the new mower, having the inlaws over and having to take the bagger back because it was missing some parts, I completely forgot to take a pic....So I took this pic the day
before when we spent the afternoon outside...


April 17, 2009

Today was the hubbs first day at his new job! It was pretty much paperwork but I know he was dying to get out there again...The one thing I'm super grateful for is that we get to keep Ms. Josie!! She's the best daycare lady ever!


April 16, 2009

So long piece of junk... Today we officially decided to get a new riding lawn mower. Yes, I finally gave in. This old beater piece of junk was left to us by the previous owners of our home and it barely ran. Every spring/summer since we've lived in our house our grass grows miles long because we had issues starting this mower up and would sometimes find ourselves using the regular push mower (mind you we live on a little less than an acre of land..) sometimes taking 2 weekends to mow the lawn AND having to enlist the help of various family member to rake up all the grass clippings...It was a giant pain in the neck. But since my hubbs got a good job and we seem to be staying in the area for a while longer, I thought only fitting for him to get his lawn mower (with bagger system!!!)...Horray for blissful lazy weekends~


April 15, 2009

So I kinda got stuck on an idea for a photo for today and I read here( about opening the dictionary and randomly choosing a word and to use that as inspiration. The word I happened to choose today was "fantasy". It might not be much of a fantasy but I've always dreamed of raising my family on a little farm of our own. I grew up on a dairy and had the greatest time. I would love to be able to give my kids the same experience...


April 14, 2009

So today we went to the park after the boys were picked up from daycare and they had sooo much fun. I know I say it way too often but if my boys could, they would literally LIVE outside! I love to see their utter joy and sense of freedom while they run around as fast as they can. Even when Squish falls and bites it, he gets right back up and keeps on running. I love it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


April 13, 2009

Had to go to the bank today to watch my bank account dwindle a little bit more as I took out $$ to pay our daycare lady...I never realized how much daycare costs for 2 little boys! Yeesh. We though about having another baby someday but its so true when they say that they are expensive! Maybe when we get a little more stable we'll REALLY think about it....As I was leaving the bank I couldn't help but notice the cute little blossoms that filled the tree that I parked next to. I love spring.


April 12, 2009 Happy Easter! No easter egg hunting outside this Easter. It rained ALL day...yuk. So the "Easter Bunny" hid all the eggs inside the house (mainly the living room). When Bird woke up from his nap first, he went to the living room and was like "What is this, mama?" Me in my uber excited voice said, "The Easter Bunny came and left you and Squish all these eggs!!" Of course, he got excited and started picking them up and putting them in his basket which was strategically placed where he could just pick it up and go. He had a great time. Squish woke up a little later and the first thing he saw was Bird's basket with all the colorful eggs. He went straight for it! Then we just kinda nudged him to where the rest of the eggs were so that he could "find" some himself. I don't think they get the concept yet but I hope that as they get older they learn to appreciate the meaning of Easter and look forward to it every year.


April 11, 2009

My Bird is sooo cute! This is him with his finished products. This was the first year he actually got to paint easter eggs and he had a blast! As you can see from the t-shirt, he made quite a mess (which we almost never let him do!..I know, mean mom...) He was so proud of them. Squish wasn't all that interested in sitting there for an extended period of time...that boy has such a short attention span. I hope next year he has just as much fun if not more along with hopefully his lil bro.


April 10, 2009

So today we took a trip to Bellingham to spend the afternoon and have dinner with my hunny's family. We all got together at his aunt's house and ate a TON~ Since my empanadas didn't work out, I decided to just make deviled eggs which by the way SOOO did not go with the rest of the Mexican style food that my MIL made. The pic above is Tortas de Camaron con Nopales y Charales (Little ground shrimp and egg patties with cactus and some sort of little dried fishies called Charales). This is pretty much a Good Friday staple in a mexican household. Its really yummy! She also made like a fish soup with crab legs, shrimp, and red snapper, etc. AND she also fried up some breaded red snapper which we ate as fish tacos with a super spicy pico de gallo courtesy of my FIL! PLUS, our dessert was mexican bread pudding (SOOO YUMMM!) which was eaten WAY after due to our massive bellies. All in all it was a great time spent with family and great food.


April 9, 2009

So I got a hair up my butt to try and make some empanadas on Wednesday at work and so on Thursday I got up extra early to attempt and make them.... yeah...I'm not a cook for a reason. First of all the apples took way too long to core and peel (mental note: buy apple corer). Next time I'll just buy prepared apple pie filling. Second, the dough didn't come out like I wanted when I decided to bake the meat empanadas instead of fry, it just looked awful...ehh. I guess it just gets better with practice. I know what to do next time so we'll see when I decide to try again...The apple peels did look purdy in the sink though!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


April 8, 2009

I don't know why but I find so many cool things that people are doing nowadays and great looking blogs of super crafty people that it gets me so pumped to start a new project! I have like a million and three "started" projects in my head right now that I just don't have time to actually follow through with... :( Lately, I've been checking out some crafting blogs and i SOOOOOO want to start sewing! I have my sewing machine (used only once) but I need some space to actually "create". Thinking about the could happen! So here sits my dusty sewing caddy just itching to be opened!!


April 7, 2009

Since we've been having "warm" sunny weather lately, I've noticed how gorgeous the mornings are on my way home from work...I wanted to get a pic of the sunrise but we didn't get out early enough to catch the pretty colors...maybe next time...My rig was exceptionally dewy and the sun was hitting it just right so here ya go!


April 6, 2009

"Another day, another nickel...agh agh agh agh agh!"-SpongeBob...Did not want to wake up this morning (night) at all!! My energy levels were shot to hell today and I was running outta time for my pic of the day so I decided to take my camera to work and see what might inspire me. Lo and behold, I was calibrating my a#* off and decided to take a pic of it!

Monday, April 6, 2009


April 5, 2009
Today was actually almost 60 degrees and sunny!!!!! Could this be true????? Yes. *elated*. We definitely took advantage and headed outside once again. Our trip started with going to the library to drop off books and maybe pick up some new ones but...the library wasn't open yet..bummer. So then we decide to go to the jumpy place was closed too...bummer deuce. So we had planned to end our day at the park but it ended up being the first and only place we went to. We took a little walk along the water and the boys played a bit on the playground. Theres big open fields so the boys went nuts and ran til their hearts content. I kinda helped (a little) to gear them towards the windmill and daffodils because I sensed a great photo op and got a few shots in...I think this is my favorite of them all. The daffodils reminded me of the Tulip festival coming up which I will sooooo go to! There are so many great and colorful tulips! Can't wait! Our day ended with Squish getting so exicited on the playground that his feet were faster than him and he ended up falling and scratching the heck outta his poor squish looks like he was malled by a bear....but he's hardcore like his mama.


April 4, 2009
So the weather's been kind of favoring us and if we see sun, we're outta the house! The good thing about living in Oak Harbor and the Northwest is that there is sooo much hiking! Its great exercise and the boys love to be free and run around with an occasional falling and biting it! If we're not hiking we're strolling along the beach. We've discovered that Bird likes to search for "sheshells" and "Mr. Crabs". On this trip we were lucky enough and spotted and INTACT little crab! He wasn't alive of course but he was in one peice! Normally we see Mr. Crab's hand or face but not the whole thing! It was really exciting, can you tell? He took really good care of it and stuck it in his pocket...But I think we left him in the truck...and I think he's starting to stink...maybe I should take care of that...yuk.


April 3, 2009

I was driving home today and we live about a block and some change from the beach and so I decided to stop and see what I may be able to capture...I knew of this place that had some graffiti and thought it might make a great pic but was not really happy with the outcome...then I saw this cool looking moss or seaweed stuff on a big rock and got down low and snapped it! I love it! For one green is my fav color and I liked how it focused on the center and blurred out the background and some of the closer seaweed...I'm going to try and practice this some more!


April 2, 2009 "Mama, you wanna play bears with me??" I swear, I hear this at LEAST once a day! To introduce you all, starting from the left we have "Puddle", "Pookie" and "Moe"... These are Bird's new best friends. One day, I saw Bird being awfully quiet and naturally that only means trouble, so I went to check on him in his room and to my surprise, he was actually sitting quietly playing with these bears. I decided to make it interesting (which I will forever regret... :)..). I gave the bears voices and Bird got such a kick out of it! He would (and still does) have big 'ol belly laughs at looking at these bears act like they're actually talking. He always takes Pookie and gives him a voice and I'm in charge of Puddle and Moe. It can never be Dada, only Mama. I guess Dada is just not as creative I guess (lucky him...) These guys do everything from eat, sleep and even take rides in "Star Skippers" (my worn out, horrible disfigured fuzzy pink slippers...) Even though its kinda driving me crazy right now, I still play along to encourage his imagination just a bit more and to hear his belly laughs!


April 1, 2009 Ahhhh the rain....just another wonderful thing about the Pacific Northwest...I don't mind rain at all but geeesh! Give us a break once in a while!! It constantly rains and I have to say it does get depressing at times...I know for sure that this is not our "Forever Home". Our "Forever Home" will have all four seasons (without any extremes please) and be in the country (kinda) but still close to the city....Oh and did I mention, we'd have daily showers of peanut M&Ms.....does this place really exist???


March 31, 2009
Today Bird was playing with his all time favorite "Tools" that Santa brought him for Christmas which ended up being my inspiration for todays pic! I swear, Bird would guard these darn tools with his life if he could! He normally has them neatly put in the tool box and stashed somewhere away from his little he was actually playing with them on the windowsill and it wasn't really the prettiest day to play outside so I thought "hmmm...wonder if the tools ever dream of going outside to play too..." Can I just say that I LOVE my camera!! The colors are sooo vibrant!


March 30, 2009

Nothing eventful happened today...just a regular 'ol day...Wasn't sure what my pic 'o the day would be cuz I wasn't feeling too inspired...Here's an obvious point that I need to figure out "lighting" when I take my pics....Squish was in such concentration while he was reading this math book and to me the light was hitting him just right but I just couldn't capture it with my camera...arrrghh! I guess I'm going to have to do a little more research on the subject...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fret not!

I know I've missed a couple days of postings but its just hard with working nights and all to actually get time to upload my daily pics...I have been very diligent (among my husband's and kid's complaints!) to take my daily pics! I'm so proud! Hopefully on my days off, I'll be able to post them up...