Monday, April 6, 2009


April 5, 2009
Today was actually almost 60 degrees and sunny!!!!! Could this be true????? Yes. *elated*. We definitely took advantage and headed outside once again. Our trip started with going to the library to drop off books and maybe pick up some new ones but...the library wasn't open yet..bummer. So then we decide to go to the jumpy place was closed too...bummer deuce. So we had planned to end our day at the park but it ended up being the first and only place we went to. We took a little walk along the water and the boys played a bit on the playground. Theres big open fields so the boys went nuts and ran til their hearts content. I kinda helped (a little) to gear them towards the windmill and daffodils because I sensed a great photo op and got a few shots in...I think this is my favorite of them all. The daffodils reminded me of the Tulip festival coming up which I will sooooo go to! There are so many great and colorful tulips! Can't wait! Our day ended with Squish getting so exicited on the playground that his feet were faster than him and he ended up falling and scratching the heck outta his poor squish looks like he was malled by a bear....but he's hardcore like his mama.

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