Monday, April 6, 2009


April 4, 2009
So the weather's been kind of favoring us and if we see sun, we're outta the house! The good thing about living in Oak Harbor and the Northwest is that there is sooo much hiking! Its great exercise and the boys love to be free and run around with an occasional falling and biting it! If we're not hiking we're strolling along the beach. We've discovered that Bird likes to search for "sheshells" and "Mr. Crabs". On this trip we were lucky enough and spotted and INTACT little crab! He wasn't alive of course but he was in one peice! Normally we see Mr. Crab's hand or face but not the whole thing! It was really exciting, can you tell? He took really good care of it and stuck it in his pocket...But I think we left him in the truck...and I think he's starting to stink...maybe I should take care of that...yuk.

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