Sunday, March 29, 2009


March 29, 2009

So guess who decided to pay us a visit today?? Yup, a peacock. Actually it was a few females and a male...I couldn't get a picture of the male because my lens isn't that great...Note to self: get a telephoto lens. We actually live on Peacock Lane and 7 houses down the street there is a family who has peacocks...every so often the come peckin' around and when I woke up I just happened to catch one! Wee whoooo!!


March 28, 2009

I have to say, "Bubbles" Time is the boys favorite time of the day! It doesn't matter what they're doing or how mesmerized the two are with Sesame Street at the time but as soon as they hear the word "Bubbles", they drop everything and the take of running towards the bathroom. I love it!


March 27, 2009

Today we got a little bit of cabin fever and decided (even though it was super windy and cold) that we would take a trip down the street to the beach. After all it was a great day to fly a kite! I think we lasted like maybe 20 minutes..The 'ol man got frustrated after the n-teenth time that the kite crashed and my youngest "Squish" decided that he wanted to chase the water which eventually led to soaken wet feet! All in all it was great to get out of the house and get some fresh air...


March 26, 2009

I received my Associates of Applied Science Degree in Medical Technology today (in the mail...)!!! After 6 long, procrastinating years I finally got it...This is one of the reasons my going into the Navy was well worth it! Even though I think I may have gotten it a little sooner had I not been distracted by boys, partying and eventually having a family :) For now I am proud and can't wait to start school for my Bachelor's...I wonder how long that'll take me...

Day 1...

March 25, 2009

So it begins, my journey into bettering my photography skills and hopefully my digital scrapbooking skills. Lately though, it seems that I'm having a hard time finding any time with practicing my digi scrapping because of having to deal with kids and husband and work...I'm really going to have to invest in a laptop so that I can take my "work" with me! Well, for now here is the official 1st pic of 365 days of my life...

This here is my "squishie"! I had to take a pic of his hair because its a constant in the Garcia Household. I always wake up wondering what kind of cooky hair do Squish wakes up with today. He's so used to it too because the first thing we say to him when he wakes up is "Nice hair Squish!"

And we're off...

Well, this blog is STILL underway....I just can't make up my mind on how I want to set it up...but don't fret..I've already started my 365 project...In fact I started it on the 25th and the pics are just sitting in my camera..I have to find the time to upload and start displaying them...for now, I will still try to figure out this HTML stuff so that I can have a kick ass blog!